Poster Contest
Instruction Sheet

Poster Resizing

Header Text
4" x 4"

Official LOGO
4" x 4"

The Poster Contest and Resizing Instruction Sheets will open as pdf files in a viewing window, or automatically downloaded depending on youor system settings. The BCBF Header Text, Logo, Card and Poster Frames on the page are all 72 dpi jpeg files that will open in a slide show which allows you to drag each to your desktop. To return them to the 300dpi jpeg or another format, view the Resizing Instructions.

Post Card Frame
4" x 6"

Rack Card Frame
4" x 9"

Rack Poster Frame
8" x 18"

Full Poster Frame
12" x 18"

Presenting your artwork in the BCBF Border Frame is not required to enter the contest! Your entry also does’t have to be perfect as we want to make this contest fun for artists of all ages and skill levels...

What is required is that you use the Official BCBF Logo somewhere in your design. You can do anything you like with it’s size, shape and colors that will make your poster the next one to win!

Size Guidelines: Each entry should be a 12"x18" poster. We produce several other sizes of printed items including the 4" x 6" postcard, 4" x 9" Rack Card, 8" x 18" Rack Card Poster in addition to the main 12' x 18" Poster.  Submit all posters as jpeg or pdf files, so we can print them at full size for display at the contest!

The winning poster will be adjusted to fit each size. All of our printed items have the "BCBF Poster Frame" that will eventually border the winning poster each year. You DO NOT have to be present to win! In the event that the winners aren't there when announced, we'll reply to your original email that contains your poster entry!

The Contest Entry Deadline is 11pm Monday, March 25th, 2024.

For more information or to submit your entries email: contest@bouldercitybeerfest.com